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For the water that touches your life. Dakota Water Solutions can design a range of water systems to meet your families needs. These systems are designed for easy operation and reliability.
Water Softeners
Water Softeners remove excess amounts of calcium, magnesium, and iron from your home’s water. These minerals, in hard water, can cause a buildup in your appliances, fixtures, dishes and even laundry. By softening your water, you will extend the life of your appliances, stop the staining of your plumbing fixtures, and stop soap scum and buildup throughout your home. With softened water you will also be able to use less soap and other cleaning products which will save you money. Our water softeners are also the most efficient both in salt and water usage.
Iron Water Filtration Systems
Iron Filtration systems require more in-depth research to treat your water. We will send a sample of your water in for a full analysis, to better understand what type of iron is in your water and other characteristics of your water. With the analysis, we can recommend the best choice from several different techniques for iron removal. Proper system design and installation are the key to successfully making your water clear and stain free. Dakota Water Solutions will take the time and use our experience to suggest the best option for treating your water. We have been designing and installing Iron Filters for over 35 years.
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems use several filters RO membrane to remove contaminants from your drinking water. The RO membrane has thousands of microscopic holes on it, so it only allows the water molecules to pass through. Contaminants are left on the outside of the membrane and are flushed down the drain. R.O. systems provide great tasting, pure water right to a faucet in your home. They can also be connected to your refrigerator and ice machine to provide crystal clear ice and years of problem free ice machine operation.

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