Commercial Water Softeners

Water conditioning from 20 to 200 gallons per minute Dakota Water Solutions can design a wide range of water systems to meet your commercial application requirements.
H-125 Series

The H125 series is designed for light commercial applications where flow rates will be less than 26 gpm.  The H125 valve is based on the proven Clack WS1 valve with enlarged piston and porting for increased flow rates.  It can be used as a single unit, twin alternating or in parallel operation. The H125 is a solid softener based on tested and proven designs that will provide years of trouble free, efficient service.

H-151 Series

The H151 is used for greater flow rates than the H125.  Standard connections for the H151 are for 1 ½” pipe but it can be used for other sizes depending on the flow rate required.  The H151 uses Clack piston and seal stack assembly for years of trouble free, high flow service.  Programming is simple and can be changed easily.  Standard flow rates are from 35 gpm to 60 gpm.  The H151 offers high flow rates in a simple yet sturdy design.

H-200 Series & H-200HF

The H200 and H300 are high flow rate workhorses of our softener line.  Although much larger than our other commercial units, they still use the proven piston and seal stack design.  They can be configured in many ways including progressive flow, alternating and parallel operation.  When you need high flow rates and efficient operation, the H200 H300 are your best option.

H-200M Series

Very similar in design to the H151 is the H200M.  The H200M is used when larger flow rates are required.  Up to 98 gpm can be provided by the H200M.  Programming and operation are the same as for the 151.  The H200M provides the high flow option for larger facilities with higher peak flow rates.

H-300 Series

Save on detergents and chemicals. Improved efficiency for reduced energy and water consumption. Extends the life of process equipment and heat exchange systems. Reduced maintenance costs.

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