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Solving Water Problems

We have been servicing North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota communities for over 50 years.



You can count on Dakota Water Solutions to improve your waters quality.
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For the water that touches your life. Dakota Water Solutions can design a range of water systems to meet your families needs. These systems are designed for easy operation and reliability.
Water conditioning from 20 to 200 gallons per minute Dakota Water Solutions can design a wide range of water systems to meet your commercial application requirements.
Water Coolers
Get the highest quality of water in 5 gallon bottle delivered right to your door or stop by our office and pick them up.

Why Dakota Water Solutions?

Dakota Water Solutions has been providing water treatment in the tri-state area for over 50 years. At Dakota Water Solutions, we pride ourselves in not just being there to sell you equipment but providing the best service available after the sale.

Many of Softeners and Filters have been running for over 40 years. Our equipment is built for many years of worry-free operation. If you ever do need service, we will be right there to get your equipment running again quickly. Browse through our products, if you have any questions, please let us know.

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102 1st Ave. SW, PO Box 359
Lidgerwood, ND

102 1st Ave. SW, PO Box 359 Lidgerwood, ND

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Dakota Water Solutions offers a range of products and solutions for every kind of water need.

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